Pixel Technique

Fully developed for exterior and interior installation in 2017, My ‘Pixel’ technique exposes the community to pointillism and other elements of art history. As with most of my work, I focus on diversity and cultural exchange while engaging people of all ages and skill levels in the production of fine art.

This technique is fully all-inclusive. It is an excellent community-building project for people of all ages, backgrounds, skill levels, locations, languages, and experience levels.

I demonstrated preliminary versions of this technique to teach students in Michigan about the Diego Rivera Detroit Industry murals (2013-2014), Frida Kahlo (2014), Kadir Nelson (2015), and Auguste Renoir (2016).

The 8′ x 12′ pointillist reproduction of Rivera’s Detroit Industry murals housed at the City’s Detroit Institute of Art (2014) raised awareness about Detroit’s priceless art treasures, the concepts behind the mural that represent intellectual and ethnic diversity, and Detroit’s legacy of hard work as Detroit considered selling its art collection as the city entered bankruptcy. Hundreds of k-12 students across 11 districts participated with the help of local #JxnArtTeachers.

Leading up to a school-wide field trip to see the ‘Frida and Diego’ DIA exhibit, high School Spanish students painted and recreated a Frida Kahlo self-portrait as they learned about the famous and prominent artist who painted and miscarried 20 miles away from them (2014).

Children in the foster care system painted and recreated a Kadir Nelson (2015). They learned about a prominent painter who champions resilience and the human spirit. The painting now hangs in a Department of Health and Human Services office where foster kids and parents can see it daily.

Participants suffering from a variety of conditions including symptoms of dementia painted and recreated an Auguste Renoir (2016). Consumer’s Energy graciously provided my assistants for the Friendly Home for Impoverished Women Renior Pixel Project.

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